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Ep. 27 The Mentorship Series Part. 1 Featuring Jamila Alharazim, Irene Legaspi & Krystal Flores
Episode 2712th April 2023 • The Nopalera Podcast • Sandra Velasquez
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Sandra kicks off a new four part series of providing mentorship to entrepreneurs of various categories in our community. Part 1 features Jemila Alharazim, the founder of Ocean Olive, a natural eczema skincare brand for babies and families that is mindful of the skin’s microbiome. Irene Legaspi, the founder of Plantas Medicinas, an Ayurvedic beauty & wellness brand that is elevating the shampoo bar experience. And Krystal Flores, the founder of Soy Latina Candles a non-toxic home + body brand that elevates spaces through aromatic fragrances.  You will hear excerpts of questions asked from different stages of each entrepreneur's process and Sandra’s transparent explanations and advice in response. This episode covers building community and brand awareness, pre and post launch advice and discomfort reaching out to retailers. Muchas gracias to all the mentees for bringing their stories, curiosity and courage. Our hope is that the topics covered will help and inspire you to forge ahead with your own entrepreneurial path with more knowledge and confidence.  Courage is Contagious!

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Read more about our guests:

Jamila believes as a parent, especially a new one, it can be challenging and overwhelming to find a product line that truly works to relieve the discomfort that comes along with eczema. We’ve created Ocean Olive to create choice in the management of eczema. 

Irene founded Plantas Medicinas with a vision to create a meaningful story by helping inspire people to feel more connected to themselves and the natural world around us. She believes beauty is more than aesthetic and I'm on a mission to help people access their innate wisdom so that they can make conscious based choices that play a positive role in their health and also the well-being of our planet.

Krystal started Soy Latina to create non-toxic alternatives to products that she loved. Our fragrances are created to evoke emotion and feeling such as tranquility, radiance, and beauty. We create captivating environments and scent memories. We are eco-conscious, vegan, and handmade. We uplift our community by donating to Ronald McDonald House Charity and Eye on Vision Foundation