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"Deep Work" and Your CPA Study Process
Episode 821st April 2020 • CPA Exam Experience from SuperfastCPA • SuperfastCPA
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Welcome to Episode 8 of the CPA Exam Experience podcast from SuperfastCPA. I'm Nate, and today, we're going to talk about "deep work" and the CPA study process.

Based on the book "Deep Work" by Cal Newport

So what we're going to cover this is based on the book Deep Work by Cal Newport. And as I read this, I mean, I read this a while ago.

The book is from 2016. As I read this, though, and went looking back through it. This is so directly applicable to the CPA study process, hence why I'm covering it in this kind of detail. And we will leave a lot of the book out because, you know, it's a full sized book and we're going to shorten this down to however long this takes, 10 or 15 or 20 minutes.

This Episode Covers:

  • deep work versus shallow work, and the difference
  • The four different types of deep work and how to apply them to your CPA study process, and then the one type that doesn't really apply
  • how to identify and achieve your "BPO"
  • the secrets of making "deep work" actually work
  • how to be extremely productive when it counts
  • why you should set a stop time each day or a "recharge time"
  • "Parkinson's Law", and how that applies to CPA study
  • a few other tidbits from the book that apply to CPA study for our purposes

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