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Book of Numbers - Michael Joseph Mouawad EPISODE 4, 29th January 2021
Numbers 09 -- 10
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Numbers 09 -- 10

Book of Numbers #4

The Passover is the constant reminder for Israel of God's overwhelming presence. In the Passover, Israel remembers how the first-born died and how they were rescued from Egypt. At the heart of this remembrance is a basic truth: God is omnipotent, omniscient and man is liable to die. 

But this second Passover was lived around the Tabernacle, the dwelling-place of God, and the liturgical worship of Israel becomes for the children of Jacob a school of love; God teaches them how to behave in his presence for the sole purpose to draw them near. They, on the other hand, want a strong master, a master, a conqueror, a warrior who would offer them peace, prosperity and ultimately, satisfy their lust for power. 

We are no different. God, in His loving embrace, gives us his Son in the Eucharist and we, we would rather watch football.

By studying the way this second Passover was lived, we can reflect on our own behavior at Mass and especially during the great season of Lent and Easter. Do we live our lives mindful of God's presence? And if so, how is our life different?