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The Experimentation Framework Every Marketer Should Know
Episode 1610th May 2022 • Demand Gen U •
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Experimentation isn’t everyone’s idea of a party, but it’s a necessary part of the marketing process.

While some people are doing it, others are thinking about doing it, and the rest fall into the ‘can’t be bothered category’. That’s why Metadata’s Jason Widup, VP of Marketing, and Mark Huber, Head of Brand & Product Marketing, share their experimentation framework along with a few tips in this episode.

Hear about the value of experimentation, and if you’re into acronyms, a full breakdown of their I.C.E framework.

Find out:

  • What experimentation is and the part it plays in marketing
  • A breakdown of Metadata’s experimentation framework
  • Why marketers don’t experiment

Catch the full episode to arm yourself with all the information you need to build a solid experimentation framework, or read our blog post on The Framework You Need for Successful Marketing Experimentation: experimentation-framework/

00:00 - 01-01 Intro

01:02 - 02:41  Jason’s prior experience with experimentation

02:42 - 04:37  Metadata’s definition of experimentation

04:38 - 07:22 The value of experimentation

07:23 - 08:33 The cost of not experimenting

08:34 - 12:25 How to set up experiments in a marketing team

12:26 - 14:29 The basis of Metadata’s experimentation framework

14:30 - 15:36 Why it’s important to start by identifying your gaps

15:37 - 16:40 Jason gives a brief breakdown of the I.C.E. framework

16:41 - 20:25 How to generate ideas for your experimentation framework

20:26 - 24:30 How to set up a hypothesis and a goal

24:31 - 28:40 How to analyze experiments once set up

28:41 - 35:33 Jason shares his experience running an experimental ad

35:34 - 39:17 How to properly recap at the end of an experiment

39:18 - 42:32 How to convince your CEO or VP of Marketing they need to experiment more

42:33 - 45:06 Why marketers find it hard to experiment

45:07 - 45:51 Outro