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Small Business Marketing and Branding Insights with Alyssa Weathers Murphy
Episode 58th November 2023 • The Oklahoma Business Show • Chris Moroz
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In this episode, I’m joined by Alyssa Weathers-Murphy, the owner of Siren Media, a woman-owned marketing agency in OKC. Alyssa shares her journey of starting her own business, from initially being reluctant to becoming a successful entrepreneur. She discusses her background growing up in a family-owned TV sales and repair business and how her passion for selling and marketing led her to start her own agency. Alyssa also talks about the challenges and successes she has experienced working with small businesses and nonprofits. She emphasizes the importance of networking and supporting other women in business. Alyssa's enthusiasm for helping young people and providing guidance and mentorship shines through as she shares her advice for those starting their careers.

Tune in to learn more about Alyssa's experiences and insights in marketing and entrepreneurship.

Key Highlights

[01:08] Alyssa's journey toward starting a marketing agency

[04:35] Alyssa’s struggle with imposter syndrome after graduating from college

[06:19] Alyssa's fascination with goth-related businesses and experiences in retail and makeup artistry

[07:39] Finding job connections through networking

[11:05] The mismatch between the offered products and the needs of small businesses.

[12:50] Career changes, embracing diverse roles, and discovering growth after unexpected job loss.

[17:22] How Alyssa founded a business

[18:15] Essential steps for aspiring business owners

[20:07] Impact of advocating for women in business

[24:45] Women's empowerment and raising confident individuals

[25:21] Navigating networking with college students for business guidance and opportunities

[29:23] Mentoring young business professionals

[34:19] What Alyssa enjoys most in what she does

[38:12] Finding business community and networking

[41:10] Business Networking International (BNI)

[44:57] Why Alyssa can not live without her iPhone

[45:11] How to connect with Alyssa

Notable Quotes

● So if anybody out there is thinking of starting a business, the first thing you need to make sure you're able to do Is get a few clients, two or three clients. Two, be ready to pay your living expenses for a few months. You need to build that on-ramp.

● If you're in whatever industry you're in, take some time, take a meeting a month or a meeting a week, and do coffee with a kid in college.

● I love working with small businesses. It's my passion to help them with branding, web design, social media, and advertising.

● Being let go from a job was the best career thing that ever happened to me. It forced me to take stock of my skills and start my marketing firm.

● Helping young people and those in transition is a big calling for me. I enjoy mentoring and providing guidance to those starting their careers.

● In business, everything is a negotiation. It's important for women to ask for what they want and claim their value. I encourage the younger generation to go for it.

● I believe in the power of networking and building connections. It's amazing how telling people in your network what you're looking for can lead to unexpected opportunities.

● Negotiating for what you want is essential in business. Don't be afraid to ask for what you deserve and claim your value.

● I'm passionate about empowering young people and helping them navigate their careers. It's important to support and mentor the next generation of business leaders.


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