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From Hollywood High Life to Rock Bottom: Laura Cathcart Robbins on Surviving Addiction in the Public Eye
Episode 497th May 2024 • Thrive While Loving an Addict | Addiction | Sobriety | Recovery | Relapse • KL Wells
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Welcome to a deeply personal episode, featuring best-selling author and podcast host, Laura Cathcart Robbins. Her memoir, Stash, My Life In Hiding, is a testament to her resilience and authenticity. As a champion for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and a TEDx speaker, Laura's voice is a beacon of courage and wisdom. In this episode, we delve into her struggles with addiction, exploring how privilege could not shield her from the grips of Ambien and alcohol. Her journey of recovery is a poignant narrative of hustling, resourcefulness, and allowing loved ones their own journey. Her commitment to choosing authenticity and joy is a testament to her transformative path to hope and healing. This is a must listen episode for anyone needing permission to go the distance.

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