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The Little Known Secrets of Growing Your Business Using Facebook
Episode 5011th May 2021 • Business School • Sharran Srivatsaa
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Billions of people worldwide are spending more and more time on social media. How are you taking advantage of everything it offers your business? Last week, Dean and Sharran shared their Instagram growth strategies. Today, they talk about sing Facebook to grow your business. No matter what others say, this platform is still an incredible place for building your online brand, getting more business, and engaging with thousands of potential customers. To get the most benefit from Facebook, entrepreneurs should understand how it differs from other social networks. If you’re a brand hoping to thrive on Facebook, stay tuned and learn simple yet powerful tactics from Dean and Sharran. They’ve done it and they’re willing to share what they know in this episode.

“There’s a niche within a niche; If you keep a group so broad, no one knows what to expect.” 

- Dean Aguilar



00:00 People say there are only two reasons to go to Facebook

02:06 The idea behind Dean’s framework for growing his Facebook pages 

04:40 The culture of voyeurism, luck, and proper timing as factors for market advantage

09:14 Facebook gives you the permission to be “that nosy neighbor”

11:12 Here’s a simple trick people use to drive organic traffic to a post

16:30 What type of comment drives more engagement

17:22 The 3 things that show up on your feed and what you can learn from them

19:15 How can you benefit from having a Facebook group

33:57 The real reason why entrepreneurs are scared to nurture a group

35:55 What types of content should you post in your Facebook group



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