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Podcasts Build Successful Summits with Danny Ozment
Episode 45th April 2021 • Virtual Summit Success • Jenn
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There is an intimacy level between podcast listeners and the podcast host that makes so many things possible.
Rather than thinking of podcasts as content marketing, think of them as referral marketing on a grand scale. If you ask most business owners, they will say that most of their business comes from referrals. Because you're creating a level of trust with your listener, because you're creating friendships with your listeners - even if
they're one way - you're essentially referring yourself to your listeners and they'll come back to you as if a friend referred them to you, so they
are referral marketing on a grand scale.

Because podcasts build such a loyal and engaged audience, summits are the perfect way to take that to the next level. Not only can they help you grow your audience with new listeners, but they can also deepen the relationships with your current listeners, give you more content, AND even make you money at the same time!

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