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#009: Breaking Down Barriers: The Woman Making Money
Episode 930th August 2021 • Talking Small Business • Kat Schmoyer & Megan Martin
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This week's episode is one we're really excited about having with you. From the start, we've wanted Talking Small Business to be these real conversations - the ones we have over Voxer every day - just with you involved. This topic of women making money and being the main financial contributor to their households is a bit taboo. But we're two women who have built businesses to the point that we are the financial backbone of our households - and our husbands can work at home with us, too. It's our hope that this episode will leave you feeling empowered and more confident as the woman making money in your business!Inside this episode you'll hear:

  • Megan's story - why she started her business
  • Kat's story - why she started her business
  • The start of the shift into more serious entrepreneurship
  • How Kat's husband, Matt, left his job and they began the husband-wife team journey
  • Limiting beliefs and how to overcome them
  • How to set the tone for conversations as a husband-wife team
  • Megan's journey to adding her husband, Jeremy, to the business
  • Why overcommunicating can be a great thing
  • How to handle the pressure of being the sole provider


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