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81. Raising Luminaries: Raising Independent Leaders- It Starts With You
Episode 8114th April 2022 • Luminary Leadership Podcast • Elizabeth Hartke
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Do you feel that heavy call in your heart to really pour into your children's growth? Do you want your kids to really find their thing, to connect to their purpose, to become these resilient little leaders who aren't bothered by the things other people think? 

You see other kids, face down on their phones or numbing out in front of the TV, and you feel that spark in your gut that says: “I want more for my kids.” You have the vision, but you’re not sure how to follow through. 

It is so freaking hard to find the bandwidth to help facilitate that vision and have it come to life. There's so much on your plate. You're an entrepreneur, you’re a parent and you’re a leader. Those are three really big titles that require a lot. Between running your business and keeping up with the demands of the market, not to mention the demands of your home and your health, how and where do you find the time to lead your kids? 

This is an episode of hope and possibility. It's one shifting your perspective and taking on the most important call you will ever have in your life - Raising Luminaries. 

Let’s raise them up right!



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