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16. My Top 3 Time Saving Automations for My Real Estate Business
Episode 167th August 2023 • High Performance Real Estate Agent Podcast with Tina Beliveau • Tina Beliveau
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I love fulfilling a request for a podcast episode! One of my coaching clients asked me to tell her about my top 3 favorite automations in my business that save me time and make my life easier. Honestly, it was hard to pick the top 3 because I have so many, so this is a great start and I have lot more to share with you down the road!

Episode highlights:

  • My home anniversary gift box system (and how you, too, can spend 30 mins/year on this!)
  • My workflow for acknowledging, thanking, rewarding, and encouraging more referrals
  • My system and thought process for celebrating clients' birthdays, and how I prioritize where I invest money in gifts vs. cards and tech
  • The simple set of systems/tech platforms I use to make all this happen with ease

Do you want to try my software to automate custom branded gifts? I think you'll love it!

Click here to watch a brief video that gives you visuals of how I use the platform.

Click here to get a trial membership of Mailbox Power and get access to my Canva templates that'll save you setup time and mirror off my own systems.

You can also try FollowUpBoss (My CRM) for free for 14 days by clicking here.

Happy automating!


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