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Renowned Marketing Expert Barnaby Wynter Reflects On How This Art Has Changed In Light Of World Events & What Lies In Store For Us Post Covid 19
Episode 9215th June 2020 • Your London Legacy • Steve Lazarus • The London Podcaster
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Marketing ain’t what it used to be. Whether you are CEO of a large corporation, Director of an SME, or solopreneur—getting your marketing message out has never been more important than it is today when we are all so distracted.

Lock-down may mean that we have far more time on our hands than ever before, but we also have way more things prodding and grabbing at our attention every second of the day—oops, there goes another notification.

Today’s guest Barnaby Wynter is a leading marketing expert, keynote speaker, Founder of The Brand Bucket Co, Author and Serial Entrepreneur. He’s also a huge Chelsea fan, but I wont hold that against him—and Founding Freeman for The Guild of Entrepreneurs.

Barnaby has been around long enough to have experienced the winds of change across the marketing industry and as Marketing guru Seth Godin says, he understands that powerful marketing is based on empathy, generosity, emotional labour and giving value.

Listen in as Barnaby drops some real value nuggets of his own in this wide-ranging conversation, as well as his two favourite London places of course. This is Your London Legacy.

“Marketing is about creating the experiences which enable people to form a relationship with a product or a service.”


Barnaby has been knee deep in the advertising world for most of his life and stationed in London for 35 years working at some of the worlds largest advertising firms, no doubt working for some of the largest brands in the world. But come 1995 the advertising world started to take a sudden turn at the advent of the internet—followed up by one of the world’s most shocking events with September 11th 2001 in the United States. So, in 2002 they set to reconfigure marketing as none of the old ways were working anymore as broadcasting, direct mail, and email wasn’t working well. It’s this shift that ended up having Barnaby with a cloud-based agency. 

“There is a fallacy called work life balance—there is no such thing work life balance, that’s a conspiracy of the business owners that they perpetuate amongst society.”


Barnaby has a plethora of insights into what marketing is, how its not stories that work in marketing—but showing a consumer what you can do for them, relating to consumers so they buy from brands that seem composed of people like themselves, and how the internet has changed the direction and purpose in which consumers contact a company for a product or service—a little tip: differentiating yourself from other competitors by stating a few percentage points isn’t emotionally engaging either.

Barnaby’s insights don’t stop there, however. With all this talk of a “New Normal” amidst the Covid pandemic, many are talking about a major shift to remote work. A major and permanent shift at that. But Barnaby isn’t as convinced, as he sees that work provides on purpose in life and “home” provides another more emotional purpose. With these two intermixing he believes there will be many pushing back from having their work woes brought into the house, and a need for human connection will eventually prevail as people yearn to crawl back to their water coolers and go out after work for a few pints.

While Barnaby believes he’s such a good marketer that you could find him with a simple Google search—we’ll do you one better and post to his website here: