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The Counterfeit Chronicles: Part Two with Cindy Holliday, 1st State Bank, and Kip Northrup, Blue Thumb
Episode 6127th June 2023 • Mitten Money • Tri-Star Trust
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BSA Officer Cindy Holliday and Owner of Blue Thumb Kip Northrup walk us through their journey today of encountering check fraud.

Kip had a first-hand experience with check fraud, as one of his checks was intercepted by a third party. He reached out to Cindy for the next steps on how to handle the interaction. With Cindy's help, they were able to stop the deposit of the check.

Check fraud is one of the most common types of fraud back on the rise. Kip and Cindy used Positive Pay, a fraud management tool, but advises those without it to check your account and make sure your checks get deposited correctly and all the information is correct from one party to the next.

This is not the first time Kip has experienced fraud; he recounts another time where funds were almost incorrectly sent to a "customer." In this instance, Kip was able to recognize the signs of fraud and reach out to Cindy once again.

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