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Networking Outside of Podcasting Groups to Find Your Ideal Clients
Episode 816th October 2023 • Podcast Editors Mastermind • Bryan Entzminger, Carrie Caulfield, Daniel Abendroth, Jennifer Longworth
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If you're frustrated and overwhelmed because you haven't been able to get new clients for your podcast editing business, you're not alone.

Podcast editors often work very hard to find clients, go to industry events, and promote their services on social media. However, they often don't see many positive outcomes from these efforts. Instead of the steady stream of new clients they were hoping for, they may be experiencing a stagnant client list and limited growth opportunities.

That's where Steve Stewart's story comes in...

Steve had been building a financial coaching business for years and started a podcast to support it. His expertise and passion for podcasting led him to a community of professionals who were eager to learn from his success. But as Steve's reputation grew and his influence expanded, an opportunity arose that would push his skills to new heights.

Discover how Steve's skills and connections led him to become a full-time podcast editor and community leader.

Listen to Discover

  • How Steve found his first client (surprise...).
  • Why it's important to understand market rates and trends, and where YOU can find that information.
  • The benefits and challenges of outsourcing editing work.
  • Why offering additional services can be beneficial.
  • What seems to be the next place podcast editors need to focus if they are going to continue to be competitive.

Links And Resources

  • Unlock the 10 Ways to Find Podcast Editing Clients - Subscribe to Steve's email list for podcast editors to receive this free resource designed to help you determine where you might find your next client.
  • How to Hire a Podcast Editor - Here's a resource for those looking to hire a podcast editor but who are looking for a little guidance to make the best decision.
  • How to Find A Podcast Editor - Steve's resource for how to find a podcast editor. Feel free to share this with people if you're not a great fit for them so that they can find the editor who is right for them.
  • Podcast Editors Club - Join a community of over 8,500 full-time and part-time podcast editors.
  • Podcast Editor Academy - The Podcast Editor Academy is a paid community that includes access to training, resources, and even job postings.


Steve Stewart is a financial consultant, podcaster turned podcast editor, and a community leader in the independent podcast production space. He's the creator of the Podcast Editors Club, a Facebook group with over 8,500 full-time and part-time podcast editors. He, along with his business partner Mark Deal have also created the Podcast Editor Academy, a paid community providing resources, training, and even access to job opportunities to podcast editors.

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