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Episode 4610th November 2021 • I Totally Relate! • Rissy and Shelbs
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We are so excited for you to join us for another conversation that is part of Naughty November. We are continuing our conversations on sex and female sexuality. This time we have our favorite besties joining us! Welcome back to the pod Terin and Ani! In season one they joined us for episode 19 "Survival without attachment is trauma" feel free to give it a listen, these women always elevate the conversation with good laughs and real talk!

*This is a mature conversation. We discuss mature topics and use language not suitable for little ears.*

We start off discussing why we feel shame about our sexuality and the components that factored into our specific as well as collective thought processes that really brought on shame for us. We touch on institutions that were part of that shame based thinking, and also terminology and slogans that really sank in for us.

We walk through the impact of teen pregnancy and sex before marriage, sex outside of marriage, and yes we do in fact talk about masturbation and self pleasure. We define sexuality and sexual palette. We absolutely talk about orgasms and why women fake it.

One of the most helpful concepts we discuss is the idea of willingness and desire. If we replace the idea of "the mood" with willingness and desire, we open up our relationships for deeper connection. Rather than trying to get in "the mood" or trying not to kill "the mood" it shifts to a fluent conversation of what your desire is in moment and your willingness to participate in sexual or sensual activities with your lover.

We really hope you enjoy this conversation with your girlfriends talking about sex. More importantly, we hope you join the conversation or start your own. We want you to live the most pleasurable life available to you, and it begins with our own self awareness and curiosity!

We would be honored to host you November 20th from 1pm-4pm for our Naughty November Book Club, we will be discussing Emily Nagoski's "Come As You Are" we'll have lunch, free flowing drinks, juicy conversation, and an opportunity for you to find pleasure in your life and relationships! Get your tickets here, you are not going to want to miss this!

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