Create a Great Business Before You Build a Team with Sarah Torres-Ferrick
Episode 3916th October 2020 • Coffee Powered Systems • Miranda Merten
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Episode 39. Sarah Torres-Ferrick joins me for my first interview of the show to talk all things growing a team in your small business. Are you ready to expand your team — whether that means taking on a couple of employees or just dipping your toes in the water by hiring a freelancer? Tune in, cause this episode is for you as Sarah tells us what we need to know before diving in.

Discussed In This Episode:

  • What Sarah loves about helping small businesses
  • Things that are important when growing your team
  • Why it’s important to understand what growing a team means for you and your company
  • How to know the difference between independent contractors and employees
  • Why you should never pay your employees and freelancers with PayPal or Venmo friends & family options
  • Why getting a business buddy or coach is important
  • How to use a system of consistent feedback when deciding to let someone go
  • How to get in the “leader” mindset
  • Sarah’s mapping exercise that she recommends you do this week if you are ready to expand your team

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