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266. Living Your Most Optimal Life (Part 1): A Wellness Roundtable Episode #FabulousFriends
Episode 2668th September 2023 • Be Well by Kelly Leveque • Kelly Leveque
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Today’s roundtable episode brings together some of the most popular and impactful guests we’ve ever had on the podcast. These brilliant minds – doctors, bestselling authors, researchers, and visionaries in the wellness space – share lifestyle shifts we can incorporate into our routines to feel healthier, happier, and more energized. 

In this roundtable, we draw knowledge from previous episodes featuring leading experts:

• Max Lugavere, The Genius Life: Nutrition for a Healthy Brain & Body (Without Counting Calories) #4

• Kelly McGonigal, The Joy of Movement #2

• Dr. Amy Shah, Intermittent Fasting for Women #16

• Austin McGuffie, Easy Tips to Master Your Metabolism #169

We cover essentials like the power of movement, sleep, and whole foods. Plus, we dive deeper into intermittent fasting, detoxing, and how to support a healthy gut microbiome. 

This episode features short-but-powerful excerpts with each guest. If you want to hear the full conversations, make sure to listen for episode numbers between each guest rotation. There’s so much to learn, so we’ll be releasing a follow-up Part 2 episode, with even more lifestyle tips, soon.

We also cover…

(01:00) The Dangers of Processed Foods & Toxins (Max Lugavere)

• What to eat to prevent illness

• How processed foods impact our brains, metabolism, and satiety

• How the body regulates itself when you’re eating whole foods

• Why Max doesn’t recommend counting calories

• Tips to minimize your exposure to toxins 

• Max’s favorite ways to detox 

• Minimizing your reliance on plastic  

• Cleaning up the water you drink

(17:00) The Miraculous Power Of Movement for the Mind (Kelly McGonigal)  

• The feel-better effect of movement on your mood and mindset

• How being active in the long-term changes the structure of your brain

• Why the brain becomes more sensitive to joy when you exercise

• How movement makes you more resilient in the face of stress and trauma 

• The science behind how exercise impacts dopamine 

• What it means to release “hope molecules” into your bloodstream 

• Reaping the benefits of exercise without having to “fix” your body 

(29:00) Gut Check On Microbiome & Intermittent Fasting for Women (Dr. Amy Shah)

• Signs you have a healthy gut microbiome

• How your gut impacts your brain, immune system, and weight

• The complexities of microbiome testing

• Intermittent fasting as a helpful tool in your health journey 

• What most women get wrong when they first try intermittent fasting 

• How intermittent fasting can impact your cycle

• Dr. Amy’s advice for how to get started with intermittent fasting 

(37:00) Creating Sustainable Health Habits That Stick (Austin McGuffie)

• The importance of sleep for regulating insulin levels

• Why you shouldn’t eat “naked carbs”

• Why Austin eats most meals in a bowl 

• Austin’s simple formula for a nutritious meal 

• Nixing the all-or-nothing mentality around exercise

• How to avoid blood sugar spikes 

• Implementing sustainable habits that work with your lifestyle 

* Content from this podcast is provided for information and education purposes only, and is not intended as a substitute for the advice provided by your physician or other healthcare professional. The use of information from this podcast is at the user’s own risk. Always speak with your healthcare professional before taking any medication, nutritional or herbal supplement. 


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• Max Lugavere, Instagram: @maxlugavere

• Kelly McGonigal, Website:

• Kelly McGonigal, Instagram: @kellymariemcgonigal

• Dr. Amy Shah, Website:

• Dr. Amy Shah, Instagram: @fastingmd

• Austin McGuffie, Website:

• Austin McGuffie, Instagram: @austin.mcguffie

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