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Ep 87 - Building Wealth Through Multiple Income Streams as an OT with Dr Tomeico Faison
Episode 8720th March 2023 • OTs Get Paid Podcast • Trish Williams
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Today I spoke with Dr. Tomeico Faison, and she really blew me away in this conversation!


Do you think Occupational Therapists can only make money one way?...

Do you think creating wealth means starting one business and paying yourself a small salary?

 …Then you need to listen to this!


Dr. Faison shows us that creating wealth is absolutely possible regardless of background, education, familiarity or funds, and that you don’t have to have every step mastered or completely thought out before you get started.

We go over:


➡️Her background and how she was destined for entrepreneurship

➡️The many hats she wears

➡️How she created wealth and built several streams of income both in and out of OT

➡️That it is OKAY to want to make as much money as possible, when the goal is to give back to the community


And much more.

 She is a WEALTH of knowledge, (pun totally intended.)

 Where you can find more from Dr. Tomeico Faison:


●     LinkedIn: Dr. Tomeico Faison | LinkedIn

●     Facebook: Tomeico Faison, Wealthy Woman | Facebook

●     Website:


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