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Why Saturday Night Live Is a Brilliant Creative Institution
Episode 21625th April 2023 • Not Real Art • Crewest Studio
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For 48 years, the quick-witted comedians, writers, and actors of Saturday Night Live (SNL) have inspired both belly laughs and giddy tears. Whether broadcasting John Belushi’s cartwheels, Will Ferrell’s cowbell routine, or Tina Fey’s biting commentary on Weekend Update, the long-running show has guided multiple generations through cultural changes with humor and professionalism. 

In today’s auditorial episode, host and NOT REAL ART founder Scott “Sourdough” Power recounts a recent, once-in-a-lifetime experience: attending a taping of SNL at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. Scott shares his observations on the big night, reflecting on the collaborative spirit between cast and crew that contributes to the show’s lasting impact. “I was so moved by the level of precision, commitment, and practice that was essential and necessary to create the best-in-class cultural, creative institution,” Scott says in the episode.

An important part of SNL’s unrivaled execution, according to Scott, is the artful leadership of producer Lorne Michaels. “One of the things I observed is [...] Lorne on the floor, quietly making his presence known, showing support, nudging and prodding where needed, but calm, cool, [and] collected,” Scott notes. He also touches on focus, discipline, passion, mutual respect, and gratitude, virtues that have sustained SNL’s creative momentum through the decades: “You’ve got to be passionate in what you’re doing because you can’t be focused, disciplined, or have integrity without it.”

Find out how you can apply the same virtues to your life and craft by tuning in to the episode on the player below. Though Scott praises the cast and crew at SNL, he also offers his listeners some practical tips based on his experience at Studio 8H:  “If you want to compete at the highest levels in whatever art form or whatever business or organization you’re in, you absolutely need to be disciplined.” Step up your creative game with Scott’s thoughts on timing, professionalism, and commitment to excellence.

In Today’s Podcast Episode

Scott “Sourdough” Power discusses…

  • SNL’s lasting legacy as a creative institution
  • Former and current SNL cast members
  • The overall level of professionalism permeating everything at Studio 8H
  • The seamless transitions between scenes, despite little preparation time
  • The incredible behind-the-scenes teamwork at SNL
  • The mutually respectful environment and gratitude he observed
  • Lorne Michaels’ undeniable leadership
  • Why great risk is required for great reward
  • How to perform at a higher level of excellence
  • Why it’s important to celebrate accomplishments

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