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Rethinking Work in Manufacturing: Embracing Human Centricity and Personalized Experiences with Brent Kedzierski
Episode 1812th February 2024 • The Manufacturers' Network • Lisa Ryan
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In this episode of The Manufacturers Network Podcast, Lisa Ryan interviews Brent Kedzierski, a renowned leader in connected worker ecosystems at Hexagon, delving into the complexities of human-centric design in manufacturing. Kedzierski draws from his extensive background in industrial psychology, military aviation training, and global HR strategy at Shell to highlight the pressing issue of talent retention in the manufacturing industry. He details how the workforce is rapidly evolving and shares insights on how companies can adapt to meet employees' evolving needs.

Key Themes:

- High-quality, digitized content is needed to engage employees in the manufacturing industry and facilitate efficient learning processes.

- The importance of a human-centered approach to design in manufacturing companies and the challenges and failure rates associated with digital transformation efforts.

- The impact of automation and AI in manufacturing, including the necessity to automate mundane tasks and encourage employee creativity.

- The evolving workforce, which seeks purpose, connection, and pride in their work, and the shift towards prioritizing the whole person in employee development.

- The future of work, where cognitive thinking, creativity, and collaboration will be prioritized, necessitating the development of new intellectual and creative skills.

Lessons Learned:

- Companies in the manufacturing industry must prioritize personalized experiences, connect with employees on a deeper level, and invest in employee development to retain talent in a rapidly changing workforce.

- Digitization and content curation are vital for efficient learning and human-centered design in manufacturing.

- The workforce is evolving, emphasizing purpose, connection, and personal development, necessitating a shift in company strategies to address these changing needs.

Fun Facts:

- Brent Kedzierski's extensive background includes military aviation training, industrial psychology, and a 25-year stint at Shell as a global HR strategist.

- Lisa Ryan and Brent Kedzierski engage in a dynamic discussion about the future of work, dispelling myths about younger generations being disinterested in work and emphasizing the importance of creativity and collaboration in the workforce.

For more information and to connect with Brent Kedzierski, you can contact him on LinkedIn.