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E73: Milton Esterow: A Life Dedicated to ARTNews
Episode 7312th November 2019 • Not Real Art • Crewest Studio
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Today we have a very special episode in store! We are so lucky to welcome the one and only Milton Esterow to the show, for his first podcast appearance ever! His work at ARTnews set the standard of investigative journalism in the art world, being one of the foremost writers and critics in his field. Growing up in Brooklyn and starting out in 1945 at the New York Times, Milton has seen more than most and his perspective on art and creativity is invaluable to a younger generation. Having found his niche in cultural news, Milton bought ARTNews in 1972 and ran it as publisher and editor-in-chief for 42 years, building it into the world’s largest circulated arts magazine. Milton has won numerous awards and accolades, is a prolific author and renowned voice in the art world. In our conversation, we cover a huge amount of knowledge, with Milton sprouting multitudes of anecdotes and stories from his amazing career. For this great chat with a beautiful human being, be sure to listen in today! For more information about artists, links and resources from this episode, please visit

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Milton's lifelong mission with the artworks that were stolen by the Nazi's in World War II.
  • How Milton learned to play a shofar for a very special occasion!
  • Milton's early interest in writing and art from his school days.
  • Perspectives on objectivity and the requirement to serve readers.
  • Questions of authenticity and a crazy story about a Picasso knock-off!
  • Demystifying art and creativity and leveling art for world everyone's benefit.
  • The trends that come and go in the art world; today's gold might turn to dust.
  • Critics do not make or break careers; time reveals all greatness.
  • An unusual art collector who paired Van Gogh with Frank Sinatra.
  • Art as a means to gaining a fuller enjoyment of life than would be otherwise possible.
  • Milton's thoughts and reflection on the art world at present.
  • A few special dinner stories from over the years from Milton!
  • Milton's memories of Alfred Hitchcock on the set of The Wrong Man.
  • The beginnings of Milton's work at ARTnews and the legacy he has created.
  • Milton's own collection and his passion for great photography.
  • Secrets to a long and healthy life from a 91 year old!
  • Advice to young artists around the struggle and difficulty of finding success.