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Out of Mind, Out of Sight
Episode 11126th July 2022 • Tabula Rasa, B!tches!: A Buffy Rewatch Show • Allie Press & Nick Mercer
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Cordelia's friends are being attacked by a mysterious force, and nobody is sure what is happening or who is behind it. After one attack, Buffy hears an ominous laugh and follows but finds no one. The gang concludes that it may be an invisible person, and the prime suspect quickly becomes Marcie Ross—a girl no one seems to remember, even though she was in everyone's classes, including several with Xander and Willow. 

Giles, Willow, and Xander follow music they think Marcie is playing, only to find themselves trapped in the boiler room with a gas leak. They are rescued by Angel. Meanwhile, Buffy and Cordelia are kidnapped by Marcie and taken to the Bronze, where Buffy manages to escape and stop Marcie before she disfigures Cordelia. After Buffy subdues Marcie, two government officials enter, taking Marcie away to be 'rehabilitated.'


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