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Random Non-Rose 6: Super Mario RPG (Remake)
10th March 2024 • Games We Grew Up With • Games We Grew Up With
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It's-a-me, AGAIN! Geno and Mallow (and, I guess, Mario, Peach, and Bowser) are back (tell a friend!)... in SUPER MARIO RPG! Not to be confused with Episode 5 of our dear podcast, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.

The heroic journey is undertaken once more, and our favorite heroes and all their early-Nintendo snark are ready to save the castle from Mack... I mean, Claymorton, and Smithy. With the help of Frogfucius and his KeroKero Cola... I mean, Frog Sage and Croaka Cola...

Ok, so there are definitely SOME things that changed, but overall? Like 95% the same game, and that 95% is glorious, and of the changes, beyond the renames, we got our very favorite thing... QUALITY OF LIFE improvements! (Sorry, Producer Lisa).

Was this a joy to come back to and play? (Spoiler: it was). Was it beautiful? (Spoiler: it was). Do we miss needing to save manually? No spoilers, gotta listen to find out THAT important detail!

A beautiful remake, an amazing original game, almost the entire script kept in-place, and a great Mario property... talk about a recipe for success! Jump in and hear the full thoughts!





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