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The British Food History Podcast - Neil Buttery EPISODE 4, 14th July 2021
Lent episode 4: The Natural History of Lent
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Lent episode 4: The Natural History of Lent

Originally released 15 Mar 2020.

*Best listened to on the third Sunday of Lent*

In part four, we look at how Lent was dumbed down over the years from extremely strict to almost non-existent. Then Neil investigates the natural history of Lent and has a conversation with Brenda Smith of Bud Garden Centre, Manchester, about what the plants are up to and the food that’s growing in early spring. Neil then talks to Matthew Cobb, Professor of Zoology at Manchester University, about animals and their odd behaviour at this time of year.

For episode notes, photos and recipes please visit https://britishfoodhistory.com/lent-podcast/

Written and presented by Dr Neil Buttery

Produced by Beena Khetani

Made in Manchester by Sonder Radio