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Is This The Dip?
2nd March 2015 • Podcasting for Small and Local Business • Christy Haussler
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Seth Godin calls it the dip.  I call it one bad week.


If it is the "dip" then that is great news, because statistically, the rebound is coming.  Every business has good weeks and bad weeks.  If you know your business is sound, the bad weeks won't make you question your  sanity.  

A slow week in business does give pause to reflect.  By looking around you can see what other businesses are doing.  If they are down too, there's not so much to worry about.  If they are having the best week ever, then it is really time to take a second look and figure it out.

No matter the ups and downs of my business at the Pier, I am reminded of a quote I heard awhile back.  "A bad day working for yourself, still beats the best days working for someone else!"  That still rings true with me.


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