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Episode 43: Bringing it Back To Trust with Sara Gupta
Episode 4322nd March 2022 • Revenue Real Hotline • Amy Hrehovcik
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Together, we dive into questions like:

  • What brings out the best in your people and how can we create environments where people WANT to work (and stay)? (05:48)
  • What is the ultimate definition of culture and what does it look like in practice? (07:29)
  • Why do sellers get a bad rap internally? (11:17)
  • What happens when there's a foundation of trust that stretches across the entire organization? (13:19)
  • What to do as an IC when you're operating without? (16:50)
  • When to make objectivity the goal? (22:08)
  • What is StartWise? (25:12)
  • How can we do a better job to support parents in the workplace? (29:38)

Resources mentioned: 

  • Naked Sales (02:08)
  • Jordana episode (05:48)
  • Assholes: A Theory

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