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Around Farm Progress - aroundfarmprogress EPISODE 46, 22nd January 2021
A beef industry event, and new tech for corn
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A beef industry event, and new tech for corn

There are two very different topics brought together for this week's episode of Around Farm Progress. First up we're offering a preview of an important virtual event coming the week of February 1 – the Virtual BEEF Experience. This is a FREE event, and we wanted to learn more so we connected with Sarah Muirhead, managing director with the Farm Progress team to find out what you can expect.

Then we turn our attention to corn, fertility and a new tool that may help you maximize nitrogen use. Adam Litle, CEO of Sound Agriculture, shares insight on the new SOURCE product. He explains how it works, and some results they've seen. It's an interesting way to boost nitrogen availability to your corn crop and has shown promise on other crops too.

Photos: Cattle - Jacqueline Nix; Corn - Willie Vogt