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Episode 107: Vestal Vodka
Episode 10720th August 2022 • Liquor and Liqueur Connoisseur • Matt Birchard
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Episode 107 features Vestal Vodka, Polish Potato Vodka. Bottled in 750ml at 40% ABV, or 80 proof. There are three options covered, the Unfiltered 2015 Vintage that retails for $28. Next is the standard or "white label" that retails for $20. Last is the Black Cherry that retails for $21.

Enjoy this episode with any of the Vestal Vodkas you can get your hands on!

The official website for Vestal Vodka:

Brief Historical Timeline:

  • Early 1990s - William Borrell's father buys a farm in Poland
  • 2009 - The Borrell's grow a crop of potatoes on their Polish farm and have it distilled into vodka
  • 2010 - This first version of their vodka earns a perfect score on Difford's Guide
  • 2020 - Halewood, a UK based spirits producer, purchases 48% of Vestal forming a partnership
  • 2021 - TotalWine begins distributing Vestal Vodka in the USA, including all of the available Unfiltered 2015 Vintage
  • 2022 - The brand is hitting it's stride, growing distribution while staying true to their traditional production methods

Key Cocktails:

It depends upon which version of Vestal you're drinking, but for the Unfiltered 2015 Vintage, let its flavor shine. The standard or "white label" is well suited for any vodka cocktail. The Black Cherry? Use it for flavor, recommended to be mixed with Coke for an alcoholic Cherry Coke.


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