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LIV2DAY - Wired2Know God, Episode 3 - "Tapping Into the God-Brain Connection"
Episode 9011th March 2023 • LIV2DAY with Dr. Paula McDonald • Dr. Paula McDonald
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In this episode of the LIV2DAY series "Wired2Know God," Dr, Paula compares our human need to plug into God to the same as a cellphone's needs to be connected to a charger, or the need for an electric car to be recharged in order to continue driving, it is in one word, essential. Essential to a sense of balance, essential to full living. God wired us to know Him. God sent Jesus to bring us closer to Him, and His death took away the great divide. Our brains are already wired to know Him, and we each have the innate need to connect with Him.. A few minutes each day will bring you the balance that your mind, body, and soul inherently crave. Tune in to hear a few examples of how easy it can be to make that time when you consciously allow for it.

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