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Episode 2722nd May 2021 • Tech Talk with Amit & Rinat • Amit Sarkar & Rinat Malik
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When Netflix released the Queen's Gambit, it shone a bright light on the chess community and there was a sudden surge of chess players online and also a demand for chess boards on various online shops. In the world of the internet, has always been on top when it comes to playing chess online. But there is an open source chess server that has a clean interface, doesn't require you to register, there are no ads nor any plugins on the platform, and you can play chess without paying a single penny online. Do you know the name of this chess server?

In this week's talk, Amit and Rinat talk with Thibault Duplessis, the creator of Lichess - a free online chess server second only to, about how he started Lichess, what are the various features of Lichess, what has he seen with chess games over the years, and a lot more!

Thibault Duplessis's Twitter -

Thibault Duplessis's Github -

Thibault Duplessis's Lichess profile -

Lichess homepage -

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