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The Quick Unpick - Britt's List and Ethical Clothing Australia EPISODE 6, 22nd October 2020
Episode 6 with Lois McGruer-Fraser from Lois Hazel
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Episode 6 with Lois McGruer-Fraser from Lois Hazel

Sustainable fashion isn’t just about the fabrics and resources that go into the garments, but the style and timelessness of the garments themselves.

The element of designing for longevity is one that Melbourne-based designer Lois McGruer-Fraser had in mind when creating her Ethical Clothing Australia-accredited brand, Lois Hazel.

Lois Hazel is a womenswear label based in Melbourne that has a relaxed and casual aesthetic to its quality Australian made pieces – influenced by Lois’s personal style and desire to wear comfortable clothing.

In this episode of The Quick Unpick, I chat to Lois about her timeless style, why sustainability matters, and her advice for new designers who want to do things the right way.