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Make Space with Desha Peacock
Episode 7716th August 2017 • Plan Simple with Mia Moran • Mia Moran
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On this episode of the Plan Simple Meals Podcast, I’m really excited to talk with Desha Peacock a lifestyle design coach who helps multi-passionate entrepreneurs who seek freedom, prosperity, travel, beauty and meaning create their sweet spot style. She works from her home in Vermont and is the mom to a 10-year-old.

While Desha lives in Vermont, she knows that Vermont winters are not good for her mental health. She knew she desired warmer, sunnier winters—and she made it happen. We discuss how she uses visioning to manifest what she needs. (Not just those warm winters, but a cute and ridiculously affordable summer office space too.)

So we talk vision, but we also get into some of the real logistics—how do you manage your schedule? What do you do with your kids when you need to run a retreat? How do you pull off professional when your family (or the dog) keeps interrupting?

We talk about:

  • The power of writing things down, whether it’s appointments in your calendar, goals or dreams

  • The idea of balance as a bigger picture strategy rather than something to strive for minute to minute within our day

  • Using vision books to manifest what we want—and as a gratitude book

  • Our favorite home systems and hacks to save time and avoid fights

  • The importance of having your own sacred space in your home the nobody messes with

  • How to declutter our homes—and our lives—by upgrading, whether it’s new things or more earning

Desha Peacock is an author, speaker, retreat leader and lifestyle design coach. She’s helped hundreds of people find their “Sweet Spot”— a self-defined place of success and beauty. Her first book Create the Style you Crave on a Budget you can Afford, was listed in the Huff post as “the book to give your girlfriend” and sold out in less than 20 days. It is now in it’s second printing.


Doable Changes from this episode:


  • WRITE DOWN GOALS & DREAMS. Is there a change you want to make in your life? Write it down. Whether it’s a goal to lose some weight or a dream to travel more, writing it down—as if it is already real—helps.

  • CLEAR YOUR HEAD. Writing things down also helps solidify even mundane things like when an appointment is or what’s for dinner. When you put things like these, or your latest great idea on paper, you clear your head and make room for other things.

  • UPGRADE TO MAKE SPACE. Work with the idea that for something to come in, something else needs to go out. If something is worn or not your style anymore or just doesn’t get used, trash it, donate it, or sell it to make room for things that you will use. (And if you are weighed down with stuff, start by simply making space before bringing anything new in.)


REALLY getting healthy as a family can be a big lifestyle change. But no matter how insurmountable it may feel, focusing on one doable change at a time can help you

take small steps toward your big goal.

A healthy lifestyle is really made of lots of little things that when repeated regularly and added together over time make a huge impact on your life.

Choose one Doable Change every Sunday night — one thing that you are willing to play with for the week. The key is to keep it doable and fun! Write that thing on a sticky note or your phone so you remember it. Then put 3 things on your calendar that support it.

Choose from the changes above or download a list of 101 Doable Changes we made for you.

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