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Moon Knight Episode 6: Gods and Monsters
Episode 3310th May 2022 • What's Our Verdict Archive • What's Our Verdict
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Harrow frees Ammit and kills the avatars of the other Egyptian gods. Layla finds Khonshu's ushabti and releases him. Spector refuses to stay in the Field of Reeds and returns to the Duat to rescue Grant. With Taweret's help, they escape through the Gates of Osiris and awaken in their body. Khonshu re-bonds with them, restoring their powers. Layla discovers that Ammit can be re-bound by multiple avatars and agrees to become the temporary avatar of Taweret. They join Spector, Grant, and Khonshu in fighting Harrow and Ammit. Harrow overpowers Spector and Grant, but they experience a blackout during which time they somehow defeat Harrow. Spector and Layla seal Ammit in Harrow's body, imprisoning her, and Khonshu urges Spector to execute Harrow and Ammit. Spector refuses and orders Khonshu to release him and Grant from their service. The pair find themselves in the "hospital", where they reject the vision and choose to continue their new life together as heroes. In a mid-credits scene, Harrow is killed by Jake Lockley, Spector and Grant's third alter, who is still working with Khonshu.

JJ goes down a strange path. Taylor hates Ammit even more and by proxy Alec. Alec defends JJ's weird choice and gives up trying to understand. Mattson is in shock and hopes there is more to come.