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Episode 4 - Do You Hear That Sucking Sound?
Episode 413th September 2021 • Roll For Intent • Roman Neville Productions
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Roll For Intent

Episode 4 - Do You Hear That Sucking Sound?

The party comes face to face with "the big boss" Skraawg! Could he be the source of the unnatural glow from the Gauntlight?

This is a Pathfinder 2nd Edition actual play podcast focused on the Abomination Vaults adventure path, published by Paizo Inc.

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Abomination Vaults : Ruins of Gauntlight - James Jacobs

Abomination Vaults : Hands of the Devil - Vanessa Hoskins

Abomination Vaults : Eyes of Empty Death - Stephen Radney-MacFarland

Troubles In Otari - Jason Keely, Lyz Lidell, Ron Lundeen

Abomination Vaults GMs Guide - Ron Lundeen


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