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The Lazy Semi-Professional with Terry Tyson | TSMP #076
Episode 7617th October 2021 • The Successful Mentalist • The Successful Mentalist
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How To Build A Fulfilling Entertainment Business Without The Hustle

Terry Tyson is a brilliant mentalist, keynote speaker, and workshop facilitator based in California, USA. With 35 years of experience as an award-winning safety professional, Terry delivers workshops and keynotes via his company Insight Services and Presentations. He performs mind-reading shows at corporate events, conferences, and cruise ships. It doesn’t stop there. He also creates and performs public seance shows.

Apart from magic and mentalism, Terry enjoys hiking, kayaking, cooking, and gardening. He emphasizes the importance of pursuing hobbies outside of magic.

In this episode, Terry joins Aidan and Ashley to discuss why he identifies as a ‘lazy semi-professional entertainer’. He exemplifies that entertainers do not need to hustle all the time or work too hard in order to build a sustainable part-time career in magic

Topics Discussed Include:

  • [01:30] Who Is Terry Tyson?
  • [04:40] What Kind Of Magic Does Terry Perform?
  • [10:05] The Role Of Passion In Our Life
  • [14:15] Problems With The Hustle Culture
  • [17:05] Mandatory Skill To Become A Fantastic Mentalist
  • [24:00] What Does It Mean Being A Lazy Semi-Professional
  • [30:50] How To Sell Out Public Shows
  • [33:40] Making The Most Of Your ‘No Gig’ Days
  • [40:10] Importance Of Having Interests Outside Of Magic
  • [43:55] How To Get Booked For Cruise Ship Gigs
  • [47:30] Being Close To Nature And Prioritising Health

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