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INNER STRENGTH. Tuning in to what's important to you. Featuring Susanne Müller.
Episode 2416th January 2022 • Catalyst • Kaylin Dyal
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"You are here for a reason."

Today's mini-sode welcomes love and light from Susanne Müller. Susanne focuses on guiding people to live a life connected to their truth. In this mini-sode, Susanne and I sit down to discuss where we are right now at the beginning of 2022 - as individuals and as a society - and how we can awaken to our truth. We share intuitive insights and practices to help inspire your connection to self. Practicing yoga and working with light energies for decades, Susanne also shares practical tools for gaining clarity and living your most authentic life.

To connect with Susanne and inquire about her upcoming course, "Co-Creation" and free guided meditations:

Email: | Facebook | Instagram

Honor yourself today with breathwork and a healing sound bath by LUCIANA.

Moment of mindfulness: Where ever you are, be okay.
Centering thought: Ask yourself what is really important to you right now.

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