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Coming Back Stronger Episode 1 with Andrew Murray-Watson, Corporate Communications Advisor at CDC Group plc
Bonus Episode20th May 2020 • Hospitality Mavericks Podcast Show • Michael Tingsager
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"Coming Back Stronger" is a special edition podcast series focusing on the way food and drinks businesses are bouncing back as the world slowly starts to re-open from COVID-19.

We will especially share great stories on how progressive leaders are bouncing back from the pandemic by utilising the power of technology and delivery. 

By tuning into these conversations in the coming period you will be able to pick up great stories, insights and facts as well as best practices from industry experts, independent operators to national chains who all are setting a new standard for how to operate in the new normal.

Vita Mojo and Hospitality Mavericks joined forces on this project due to we have shared beliefs on how tech plays a massive role in building companies that are good for people, communities and the planet.

In this episode, Michael talks with the independent retail operator Andrew Murray-Watson from Brixton (London) who is the founder of Guzzle. He is a former award-winning national business journalist and worked in corporate PR. He one day decided to open a shop so he could share amazing food from small producers with the world and have not looked back since.

They talk about how he and the team are navigating the current situation, how they launched an e-commerce platform which has been a life-line for their business.

How business is going to be in the news now and what that means for independent businesses. And at the end of the conversation, there is some great advice from Andrew on how to thrive and prepare for the future.


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