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What s Driving You as an Author? How to Pinpoint Your Internal and External Goals
5th July 2016 • Zero to Book • Rainmaker.FM
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Writing a book will force you to dig deeper than you ever have for previous writing projects. To get the most out of the process, tune in to what’s really motivating you.

Pamela s received her first draft back from the structural editor and she s turning her eye toward the more philosophical aspects of writing a book.

She’s been thinking about how authors can manage both their egos and their expectations surrounding the book creation process. Because we all swing between “This book’s going to change the world!” and “This book’s going to bomb!”

In this episode, Pamela and Jeff talk about why any of us write books in the first place, and our personal yardsticks for success.

How high should you set the bar for success? Tune in to find out.

In this episode Jeff Goins and Pamela Wilson discuss:

  • The difference between internal and external goals, and why you need both
  • What the “Discomfort Zone” is and why you should aim for it
  • Why it’s important to be honest with yourself about your true motivation for writing a book

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