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1-54 Forum - 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair EPISODE 6, 25th February 2020
1-54 Forum Marrakech 2020 | Enacting Agencies
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1-54 Forum Marrakech 2020 | Enacting Agencies

1-54 Forum Marrakech

20 - 24 February 2020

Enacting Agencies [EN]

Working across geographies, connecting with communities locally, highlighting aspects of craftmanship or vernacular knowledge. These are some of the defining aspects of projects such as Future Assembly, Caravane Tighmert and QANAT (Kibrit) whose founders Hansi Momodu-Gordon, Carlos Perez MarĂ­n and Francesca Masoero respectively will be in a discussion around models and methodologies for community based and peer-to-peer engagement projects.