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Shop Owner Open Forum [THA 158]
Episode 15813th February 2020 • Town Hall Academy • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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  • Rachael Wacha, City Auto Repair, Gainsville, FL
  • Kate Jonasee, K-Tech, Sebastopol, CA (MSO)
  • Donnie Hudson, Troy Auto Care, Troy, MI (MSO)
  • Jeremy Winters, Service Manager at Weavers Auto Center, Shawnee, KS

Talking Points:


  • Kate’s big thing was the improvement in her company culture and the psychology of herself as a leader was impactful.
  • Rachael, getting yourself centered so you can make a change with your team
  • Some on your team will exit themselves as they choose not to be team players
  • Technical and management training is so important to the development of your team
  • Donnie does cross-training so each other knows the other job
  • Training happens when the culture breeds continuing education
  • Localize training needs to be more hands-onHire a national trainer and split costs with fellow shop owners and set up a Saturday for a daytime hands-on
  • Labor rates are a reflection of your value proposition. 
  • Labor rates should be a function of the business not of the market
  • If you did your job right it is never about the labor rate
  • Customers want to trust you  
  • Rachel sells here value vs price or labor rate
  • Customers ask price or rates because they don’t know what else to ask
  • Focusing on the customer is part of your culture. They will now it and feel it
  • You can offer a value proposition for your customers even if you just started. Start out strong with a strong culture and commitment to your team and your customerSurround yourself with people smarter than you
  • Ask other shop owners 90% of them want to help. Put your ego on the shelf. Be humble
  • Weavers got completely off of flat rate. They have six-figure technicians on an hourly planYou can tie many performance bonuses
  • Donnie and kate has put in place an IRA plan for their techs
  • Comebacks:Handled as a #1 priorityThis show the character of the company by how you handle come backs
  • Consider a system to track every come back to spot a trend
  • Kate and Jeremy are watching the growth of EV’s 
  • Kate and Donny are not heavily into Hybrids
  • Rachael feels that having peers and colleagues helping her has had a big impact on here business
  • Kate feels that her business coach has had a huge impact on her businessShe recently had 36 other shop owners touring her facility where there was knowledge transfer happening for everyoneBonding and Q & A happening
  • Idea sharing
  • Jeremy has seen the impact of a business coach on the business. A game-changer
  • Donnie’s coaching experience is from his local business development group. Sharing, caring, teaching
  • Succession planning. How do you plan to doEvery decision you make should be on succeeding the business
  • Family businesses have unique dynamics. Open communication is critical
  • If you can’t find a successor with the passion necessary you don’t have a good candidate



  • A special thanks to Donnie Hudson, Kate Jonasee, Rachel Wacha and Jeremy Winters for their contribution to the aftermarket.
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