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The One Where We Discuss Where To Start With Content Planning
Episode 837th September 2020 • The SEO SAS Podcast • Sarah McDowell & Hannah Bryce
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This week Sarah and Hannah discuss where to begin when putting together a robust content plan for your website, that gets you found in search engines and increases website traffic.

The episode begins with the hosts discussing life matters such as Hannah working at the weekend (shock horror), Sarah tries to sell her audio editing side hustle and we learn just how much Hannah's husband enjoys cycling (maybe a bit too much).

Hannah then does a quick fire with Sarah covering common content debates such as content length, keyword targeting and whether you should write for Google or humans.

After the quick fire, it's time to get into where to begin with a content plan, which is of course research. The hosts give listeners loads of ideas of where to look eg Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Trends and Exploding Topics. They also discuss how you can use keyword intersects, social media, polls/surveys and reviews to come up with more content ideas.

Sarah is the quiz master, and the episode ends with Hannah trying to get into Sarah's mind. 




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