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Dr. Jay's Daily Health and Wellness Routines
28th January 2022 • Hanu HRV • HanuHRV (owned by Hanu Health, Inc)
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Dr. Jay is answering his most asked question: what does he do in a day? After years of research, trial and error, Dr. Jay has established a structured routine to optimize his mental and physical performance. Jay dives into it all – from waking up every morning and not hitting snooze, to the supplements he takes throughout the day, and wrapping up with bedtime habits for a good night’s rest. 

Please note: Dr. Jay has determined (over time) the routine that works the best for him. What may work for Jay will not work for everyone. Please consider things such as age, weight, height, gender and lifestyle when making decisions regarding your own health and wellness journey. 

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Jay’s most asked question – what does he do in a day?…00:46
  • Today’s podcast is sponsored by Hanu Health…04:46
  • Overview of Jay’s morning routine…09:15
  • HRV checks first thing in the morning…13:30
  • Jay’s non-negotiable: morning meditation and breathwork…23:26
  • The supplements Jay takes…25:52
  • Pre-workout and workout routine…35:30
  • How traveling alters Jay’s workout…48:00
  • Deep work…54:20
  • Entering the night-time routines…01:07:20
  • Wind-down time and preparation for sleep…01:10:56
  • What time does Jay go to bed?…01:16:48
  • Analyzing the sleep data…01:21:15
  • What are Jay’s optimal biohacks…01:24:57

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