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Episode 6: A Life of Worship
Episode 629th May 2021 • The Good and Faithful Show • Golfran Rivera
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Welcome to the #GoodandFaithful Movement! We inspire, educate, and train God’s people to leverage ALL that He has given us to bless the nations and advance His Kingdom!

This week we’re talking about living a life of worship. Our Father in Heaven is looking for people to worship Him. And so we will, because we ARE the Good and Faithful!

In this episode we wrap up our little series on spiritual disciplines by talking about how everything we’ve discussed so far in this season individually is collectively part of living a life of worship.

First we define worship by explaining what it isn’t and then look at Romans 12: 1 and Hebrews 10:7-8 to see what it is.  

We answer the question “how does one live a life of worship” by first answering the question “whom do you serve? Who is your master?”

Having established in our hearts who we serve with our lives, we then address the “how” by explaining that living a life of life of worship is often more simple and straightforward than we think it is.

This and more in Episode 6: A Life of Worship!

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