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The Blessing ✨ and Power πŸ’₯ of Just Decrees πŸ“œ and Declarations πŸ“£
24th February 2022 β€’ Thriving on Purpose Podcast β€’ Elisabeth and Sebastien Richard
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I think all believers should decree, confess, and declare as part of their spiritual discipline and daily walk with the Lord. Decrees should be uttered every day in order to build up your faith, or simply to remain in faith. They are an essential part of a fruitful prayer life. Like prayer, like Bible reading and studying, like fellowshipping with other believers; decreeing should be part of your daily spiritual discipline and walk with God. 

This is why I compiled and published one of the most complete decree compilations ever, titled, "Just Decrees for Your Life".

This easy-to-bring-along book is the perfect devotional companion, whether you’re on the go or in your prayer closet. It covers all areas of life, including your work, ministry, health, family, marriage, finances, purpose, and so much more!

This one-of-a-kind compilation provides you with:

β€’ Dynamic Decrees backed by their accompanying Scripture passage. These just decrees will release the power of God’s Holy Word as life-giving leaven, and make you rise.

β€’ Destiny Declarations that will unlock your Kingdom purpose. These mighty words will partner with the will of God and make it manifest into your life.

β€’ Powerful Proclamations that will empower your faith, so that you can face life’s challenges boldly and victoriously. These holy proclamations will bring about your breakthrough!

I hope this teaching, and the book itself, blesses and empowers you to walk out your destiny and bear much fruit for the Kingdom.

Just Decrees for Your Life is the Perfect Devotional Companion Book -- Get it Here: