The Value in Segmenting
Episode 15th August 2022 • Blackletter • Thomas Dunlap
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Could segmenting in a new line of business launch your company into greater success?

On this episode of the Blackletter podcast, host Tom Dunlap begins its eighth season with an interview with Erik Olson from Array Digital. Erik is a professional marketer, website developer, content creator, and CEO of a digital marketing company. However, his professional journey took several twists and turns to end up where it is today. His company initially focused on software development before introducing marketing services and slowly transitioned to become completely focused on digital marketing. Erik shares the thought process behind this shift, including the advantages of a recurring service-based business model. Much of Rob's company's success is thanks to his clients, and he explains his methods for segmenting his practice into niche areas and the different approaches he takes for each.

Listen to the episode to hear Tom and Erik discuss segmenting and business transformation in this first segment of his three-episode interview. And stay tuned for the next Blackletter podcast episode to hear more about Erik's approach to business challenges.