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Elite Achievement - Kristin Burke EPISODE 17, 18th February 2021
Grow Your Wealth Building Mindset with Ashley M. Fox
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Grow Your Wealth Building Mindset with Ashley M. Fox

On this episode Kristin talks about money with a Financial Education Specialist Ashley M. Fox. Ashley is a former Wall Street analyst, a Howard University graduate, and CEO of her company Empify. Empify represents merging of the words EMPower and modIFY. Empify is an education-based organization created to help both adults and children understand financial literacy. Ashley is an international speaker and financial journalist.

Episode Highlights

02:30 – Ashley shares about how you can make yourself feel comfortable to talk about money.

9:36 – There is a mental shift that people have to make in order for them to believe they deserve to be wealthy. 

12:35 – You have to invest.

13:35 – The easiest way to start is to think about who do you spend your time, money and energy with.

20:45 – You cannot say that you want to be wealthy but you do not have time to build wealth.


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