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RepcoLite Home Improvement Show - Dan Hansen & Hailey Johnson 22nd May 2021
Episode 213: To Paint or Not to Paint
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Episode 213: To Paint or Not to Paint

Segment 1: Tick Explosion

Tick populations are exploding in Michigan! Warmer winters and bird migration have contributed to a rise in the tick population in west Michigan. We talk about a few simple ways to help protect your whole family this summer. 

Segment 2-3 : Where Do You Stop?

Is painted trim right for you? We weigh the pros and cons of painting your trim and explain how to tackle this project yourself. We also discuss the growing trend of painting the trim colors other than white! The sky's the limit for color but if you aren't painting all the trim where do you start and stop? Tune in for an easy rule of thumb. 

Segment 4: Junk Royalty 

Dan is clearing out the barn! We know he’s not the only one with junk to get rid of so we thought we’d discuss all the options. Whether you need to hire a service to haul it away for you or just need to know where to take it, we’ve got you covered!