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192. Tax Time Prep for the US
Episode 1925th December 2023 • The Money Barista Podcast • Kerry Zarb, The Money Barista
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If we know our numbers in business we have the choice to make some pretty cool moves to take advantage of our financial position before tax time is over. It is the last month (December) of the tax year in the US and it's a great time to share some words of wisdom from The Virtual Cafe, with a dash of Kim's coffee maid.

  • If you have profit in your business you might be able to spend some of that profit.
  • It might be a great time to invest in some things
  • Don't spend for the sake of spending
  • Don't be reactive
  • You can have a good plan
  • We can use the numbers to be strategic and be in a great position
  • At the end of the day our numbers in our business are very important and significant

This is on top of the festive season being upon us with "the cray cray on the cray cray" time getting ready for the silly season, we can all feel stressed out and panicked right now. We all are a little control freaky and then we let something like our numbers slide because we don't know how to do things with them. It's not too late for The Money Barista to help us get in control of them.

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We hope you enjoy this experience 🙏

Cheers ☕ Kerry & Kim

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