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Jia Wertz: Conviction
Episode 4022nd August 2021 • PLAYING DEVIL'S ADVOCATE • Kelly Mitchell
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S1: E40: Jia Wertz: Conviction


Independent documentary filmmaker Jia Wertz, Director of Conviction, her award-winning short film about the wrongful conviction of Jeffrey Deskovic, discusses her vision and experiences pursuing stories of social justice and exposing inconsistencies in the American Justice System.

Special Guest

Jia Wertz - Independent filmmaker and accomplished fashion designer with a stunning, award-winning documentary called Conviction.

Time Stamps


[02:55-Meet Jia]

[30:54 - Outro]

Key Takeaways

*Books change lives

*Use your powers for good

*The National Exoneration Registration is a thing - HOW?!

*Wrongful imprisonment affects everyone -> criminals are still out there free

*Odd, quiet kids do not automatically equal rapists and murderer

*Creating a documentary is wicked hard

*The Aha! moment is in the replay

*You can't make this stuff up!

*Not all superheroes where capes

*There are NO resources for the INNOCENT

*Government is slow on paperwork and stigmas never leave

*120K wrongfully convicted has a profound ripple effect

*Wrongful conviction can happen to anyone

*Education & awareness is essential

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Reference Links

The Wrong Mans (TV series)

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