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The No Head-Trash Nation - Greg Yates EPISODE 65, 24th April 2020
EP 65 | Unclear Priorities
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EP 65 | Unclear Priorities

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Unclear Priorities

Hey everybody, it’s Greg from the no head trash nation and Breaking new ground in the Effortless Author Initiative. If you’ve got a message that will change the world, the two things in your way are head trash and a way to make the process of documenting your message … Effortless.  That’s what we talk about and that’s what we DO. 

But today, there’s a specific side to that pancake I can’t wait to talk about. If you’ve read my book, The Breakthrough, you know my number one thing that holds teams back is UNCLEAR PRIORITIES…  so I’m going to rant about it today…  Are you coming?  

Sometimes, answers are just TOO obvious. Been there. Done that. Made that proclamation and it didn’t get the results I’d hoped for. 

Or maybe, just maybe you’ve been where I’ve been before. Something was radically clear, and you shared it. Then, a couple of months later you have the same revelation and realize you started strong but didn’t, or couldn’t, keep that clarity in the heat of the battle.

Then… it feels like old news. You’ve shared it before. Now you need some new aha moment, some new leader-speak to rally the troops. Or do you?

The problem with clarity is the very reason it answers its own question. It’s HARD to keep. That’s why becoming the ambassador of your own mantra is so critical. If you’re not obsessed; if your people and your clients aren’t rolling their eyes at your message, repeating your sentences and filling in the blanks with your repeated questions, then YOUR priority is STILL UNCLEAR. 

And Unclear priorities are the biggest reason people fail. They’re why YOU fail. 

… Great revelation, right? Maybe you just said, Greg, tell me something I don’t already know. If it was so great, why didn’t it stick? Why didn’t the aha moment of it all become a durable message that propelled us to long term success? 

To which I would ask… Does it ever? 

Is there ANY powerful change or momentum in our lives that doesn’t require us to keep spinning the flywheel? 

THERE IS actually a physical law that says “Perpetual Motion” is impossible. Happily ever after only exists if we are determined and clear about what it took and what it TAKES to stay happily … ever… after…

Now if you’ve heard my rants before I HOPE you know what I’m going to say because if I’m not saying it clearly enough or often enough then I’m just as much a victim as you are and I’m renewing my effort to say it to REDUNDANCY… and reduce it to the Ridiculous.  

… are you on the edge of your seat? Do you want to know what it takes to create that kind of momentum, to eliminate unclear priorities for you, your people and your clientele? 

Come on… somebody out there can say it with me. You’ve got to have a clear, obsessive, Definition of Success…  and so do your people. 

Listen, if people are going to get anything from you that matters, it’s this. Know what you’re about, know why you’re here, refine that message and keep delivering it until it sticks. 

And if you don’t know how to make that happen, you need to get serious about writing or getting help writing your definition of success. That thing that can burn up the paper mache of circumstances and finally help the people you’re here to help. 

One of the most powerful ways I’ve learned to do this is the deep work of writing your own book. I know, you think it’s oversold, it’s overdone and just because someone has written a book doesn’t mean they are a success. I couldn’t agree more. Just like everyone who goes to church isn’t a Christian and everyone who takes a driving lesson isn’t ready for Nascar… but I can tell you this. Anyone who wants to drive Nascar, takes driving lessons and anyone who wants to be who they were created to be is serious about going to church. Yes, we fail. Yes, there are hypocrites and people who claim to be something they’re not, but if you’re waiting for your people to know what you stand for, there’s no excuse not to do the deep work of memorializing it for yourself. 

Having a book doesn’t mean you’re a world famous author. It means you are serious about sharing your definition of success and helping others learn what you’ve learned without having to experience what you’ve experienced.  

You don’t have to go it alone. That’s why I’m on this crusade but if you don’t get help from me and the Effortless Author Initiative – to help you capture your story and your message in an effortless team approach – then get that help somewhere. Don’t spend another minute trying to excuse away why you’re misunderstood or imagining you need some new magic trick to help the people you influence to find their own clear vision.

You’ve been given a chance to make an impact on the world and no matter where you are in the process, you’ve got to be able to turn those good intentions into clear priorities that can easily be shared.